Best Student of the Generation, University St’s Cyril and Methodius, Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, R. Macedonia, 1976

Medal - Innovation: Electro resistant butt flash welding copper with aluminum conductors without added material, Makinova Fair, Skopje, 1990

Grand Prix - Innovation: PVD, Plasma Nitriding and Oxinitriding, Macedonian Economic Chamber, Technoma–Makinova, Skopje, 2005

Winner in Western Balkans Development Marketplace - Project Title: New compact absorber for solar collectors with selective coatings, Organized by The World Bank, Belgrade, 2006

Gold Medal - Nikola Tesla - Innovation: Plasma oxinitriding, Belgrade Association of Inventors and Technical Improvements, International Fair of Innovation, Belgrade, 2006

I-st Place Diploma - Academy of Innovators of Serbia and API SCG International Fair of Innovation, Belgrade, 2006