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Curriculum Vitae

Associated prof. Dr.Ilija Nasov

Address:Veljko Vlahovic 18/42, 1000 Skopje, R. Macedonia

phone: +389 2 3229 620 / +389 2 2656 731

cell: +389 70 205 635

web page : ,


BSc - Bachelor Degree - University St’s Cyril and Methodius, Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, Skopje, R. Macedonia, 1976

MSc - Master of Science- University St’s Cyril and Methodius, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Skopje, R. Macedonia, 1980

PhD - Doctor of Technical Science- University St’s Cyril and Methodius, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Skopje, R. Macedonia, 1998

Last Employment

Dean of Faculty for Ecological resources, MIT University, Skopje 2008- 2016

Retiree from 2016


Director and Co-owner of the Center for Plasma Technologies “Plasma”, Skopje, 2004 - to now Chairmen of Board of Directors of Camel Solar, company for solar thermal collectors 2011- today Institute of physics, Solar energy department, Faculty of Natural science and mathematics, University Sent Cyril and Methodius ,


Best Student of the Generation, University St’s Cyril and Methodius, Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, R. Macedonia, 1976

Gold Medal - Innovation: Electro resistant butt flash welding copper with aluminum conductors without added material, Makinova Fair, Skopje, 1990

Grand Prix - Innovation: PVD, Plasma Nitriding and Oxinitriding, Macedonian Economic Chamber, Technoma–Makinova, Skopje, 2005

Winner in Western Balkans Development Marketplace - Project Title: New compact absorber for solar collectors with selective coatings, Organized by The World Bank, Belgrade, 2006

Gold Medal - Nikola Tesla - Innovation: Plasma oxinitriding, Belgrade Association of Inventors and Technical Improvements, International Fair of Innovation, Belgrade, 2006

I-st Place Diploma - Academy of Innovators of Serbia and API SCG International Fair of Innovation, Belgrade, 2006


President of Macedonian Solar Association , 2010 – today

President of NanoMak, Macedonian Association for Nano-Materials and Nano-Technologies, 2008-today

Member of Macedonian Association for Hydro Cells, 2008 - today

Member of the Association for Bio-Mass of Macedonia, 2007 - today

Member of the Energy Efficiency Body of Macedonian Society for Welding, 2000 – today

Member of the Macedonian Energy association

Member of the Society of Metallurgists of Macedonia, 1998 – today

Member of the Welding Association of Macedonia, 1998 – today

Committee Member of the Professional Journal “Engineering”, 2008

President of Lions club Vardar Skopje


Z. O. Vitalovich, I. Nasov, The way of forming PVD coatings on the surface of the constructive steel after plasma nitriding, 74749, MPK 2006, Ministry of Education and Science, Ukraina, 2006

I.Nasov, Selective coatings on absorbers for solar collectors, P-2006/83

I.Nasov, Absorbers for solar collectors with selective coatings on the wings and on the tubes of the absorbers P-2007/153,

I.Nasov, Evacuated tube solar thermal collector with U type absorber and selective coating МКП F24J2/24,2/18,2/48 Int.Cl.8,


I.Nasov, EUREKA: Systems For Assessment Of Surface Integrity, Eureka Project (E!4133 - PRO-FACTORY SURFACE +) 2008

I.Nasov, EUREKA: Development Of New Actuators, Materials And Technology For The Production Of Advanced Pneumatic And Hydraulic Valves, Eureka Project (E!4548 - DE_AMATECH), 2009

I.Nasov, EUREKA, Polycoat, Development of new materials, tools and technologies for depositing of thin polymer coatings on the EM stator.2011

I.Nasov, project title: Increasing of efficiency coefficient on vacuum tubes collectors using new types of absorbers, Co financed by Ministry of education and science of R. Macedonia, 2008.

I.Nasov, Plasma and Solar association of Macedonia, Austrian development agency, Solar collectors integrated in facades and roofs, 2010.

I.Nasov EU FP7 project POLYSOL, 2010

I.Nasov EU FP7 project COMPOSOL, 2011

I.Nasov EU FP7 project EAGLE, 2011

I.Nasov EU FP7 project DIBIOPACK, 2012

I.Nasov EU FP7 project RenewX, 2012

I.Nasov EU FP7 project Soleglass 2012

I.Nasov H2020 , project PlaSSteel No 774285

Lectures / Presentations / Published Work last 10 years

I. Nasov, New selective coatings and collector developments in Macedonia, Solar 2008 – 9th International Symposium Gleisdorf Solar, Gleisdorf, Austria, 2008.
I. Nasov, H. Kostadinova, S. Smilkov, Physical Vapour Deposition Process and Potential Applications to Low-Cost Photovoltaic Solar Cells, New frontiers of low cost photovoltaic solar cells - International Conference, Skopje, 2008.
M. Ristova, I. Nasov, D. Gracin, M. Milun, K. Juraic, H. Kostadinova, S. Smilkov, Nanoporous TiO2 capping layer for transparent conductive electrodes, New frontiers of low cost photovoltaic solar cells - International Conference, Skopje, 2008
I. Nasov, H. Kostadinova, S. Smilkov, Enhanced solar thermal collector efficiency using selective coatings and different absorber designs, Energy Efficiency Conference, Skopje, 2008
I. Nasov, “Solar water heaters”, Workshop from Austrian Develop Agency Impacts of the ADA project to the Macedonian Solar companies, Skopje, 2008.
I. Nasov, J.Mickovski, A Innovative Duplex nitride coatings process of HSS drills, 5th congress of the society of metallurgists of Macedonia, 2008.
I. Nasov, Nano-selective coatings made by magnetron sputtering and arc deposition for solar absorbers, Athens, Greece, 2009.
I. Nasov, New types of sollar collectors for hot water with nano selective coatings, AEE Institute for Renewable Energy, Austria, 2009.
I. Nasov, Solar energy in architecture , incorporation solar thermal collectors in the roof and facade of the building, co financed from Austria Development agancy, 2010.
I. Nasov, Lecture and presentation, Solar energy in Europe, Annual conference of solar energy ,Yangzhou China,2010
I. Nasov, Plenare Lecture and presentation, International congres for surface protection of materials, Surface engineering on metals and polymers using the newest technologies ,TARA, Serbia, 2010 .
I. Nasov, Plenare Lecture and presentation, International congres for surface protection and RES Budva, MonteNegro, 2010.I. Nasov, High efficient solar thermal collector and new pvd selective coatings, Jahorina, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2011
I. Nasov, The route from FP7 projects to a new comapny: case study- Plasma R&D center vs. Camel Solar –a production company, Nano asociation of Macedonia, Skopje, 2012. I. Nasov, WBC INCO, An inspiring succes story from Macedonia. 2012.
M. M. Ristova, A. Gligorova, I. Nasov, D. Gracin, M. Milun “TiO2 Coating for SnO2:F Films Produced by Filtered Cathodic Arc Evaporationfor Improved Resistance to H+ Radical Exposure “ , Journal of Elec Mater., 11664-012-2221-4, 2012 .
I. Nasov, , Anka Trajkovska Petkoskab, Michael Kohlc ; SHC 2013, International Conference on Solar Heating and Cooling for Buildings and Industry September 23-25, 2013, Freiburg, Germany,Novel Type of Facade Window Collector-Double Benefits: Good Architectural Appearance of Facade and Solving the Problems of Long Term Stability / Efficiency Ilija Nasov, Anka Trajkovska Petkoska, SB13 GRAZ, SUSTAINABLE BUILDING CONFERENCE 2013,25-28 September, 2013,TU Graz, Austria “Novel type of façade-window solar thermal collector”
Anka Trajkovska Petkoska, I. Nasov, I „Designed Coatings on Food Industry Equipment - A Good Practice For Food Safety” , CeFood Ohrid 2014
I. Nasov, Anka Trajkovska Petkoska,”The Philosophy of EU FP7 projects - base for market competitiveness - case studies for successful applications and realizations of FP7 projects”, New Knowledge for new people, international conference, Ohrid 2014
I. Nasov, Solar energy in architecture - novel facade collectors, Scientific journal, Tehnika Beograd 2014 ,
I. Nasov, Surface engineering a powerful tool to enhance materials properties, Scientific Journal, protection of materials, Beograd 2014
I. Nasov, Anka Trajkovska, Nanocoatings designed - layers for solar thermal applications “ROSOV PIN 2014”International symopsium for nano materials, refractory and process industry Novi Sad, 2014
I. Nasov, Solar energy integrated in architecture-future of solar energy application, SOLARTR Turky Izmir, 2014
I. Nasov, IJERT International of Engineering, Research and Technology ,ISSN:2278-0181,vol4 issue 01,January 2015
I. Nasov, Slave Armenski, Sanja Popovska, “ Climate change and RES ” , book for students 2017
I. Nasov, Vukoman Jokanovic and all: “Ultra-high and near-zero refractive indices of magnetron sputtered thin-film metamaterials based on TixOy”, Advances in Materials Science and Engineering 2017
Vukoman Jokanović, I. Nasov and all: “Optical properties of titanium oxide films obtained by cathodic arc plasma Deposition”, Plasma Science and Technology, August 2017