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The Centre for Plasma Technologies – PLASMA D.O.O is a private company, established in March 2004 by three founders. The CEO of PLASMA is Ass. Prof. Dr. Ilija Nasov. PLASMA numbers 10 employees: PhD, engineers, scientists, technicians and outside scientific collaborators.

The Centre for Plasma Technologies – Plasma D.O.O has established knowledge in the fields of materials surface treatment. As an industry oriented R&D Centre, PLASMA D.O.O is pooling competencies in the areas of thin film deposition and coating application, specializing in advanced surface engineering techniques to enhance material properties for a wide variety of applications. These techniques include:

Physical Vapour Deposition Plasma Pulsed Nitriding/Nitrocarburizing Fully ecological galvanization - Electrolytic & Electroless Plating Combustion Chemical Vapour Deposition - CCVD Sol-Gel Technology

The aim of the Centre is to provide various types of surfaces with new or improved functions and, as a result, help create innovative marketable products. The coatings and layers are specifically developed for applications including wear and corrosion resistance, medical applications, solar energy, food industry etc.

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Center for plasma technologies - Plasma


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