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-          Z. O. Vitalovich, I. Nasov, The way of forming PVD coatings on the surface of the constructive steel after plasma nitriding, 74749, MPK 2006, Ministry of Education and Science, Ukraine, 2006

-          I. Nasov, Selective coatings on absorbers for solar collectors, P-2006/83,

-         I. Nasov, Absorbers for solar collectors with selective coatings on the wings and on the tubes of the absorbers P-2007/153



- I. Nasov, PVD coatings in solar collectors, International conference, chemical surface engineering, Podgorica 2006

- I. Nasov, Effects of plasma nitriding and PVD coatings on materials, International congress for surface protection, Tara 2006

- I. Nasov, Nano selective coatings on the absorbers for solar collectors, International congress for new technologies and nano coatings in metallurgy, Ohrid, 2007

- I. Nasov, New types of solar absorbers for solar heating collectors, Solar association of Macedonia, Skopje, 2007

- M. Ristova, I. Nasov, D. Gracin, M. Milun, K. Juraic, H. Kostadinova, S. Smilkov, Nanoporous TiO2 capping layer for transparent conductive electrodes, New frontiers of low cost photovoltaic solar cells - International Conference, Skopje, 2008

- I. Nasov, H. Kostadinova, S. Smilkov, Enhanced solar thermal collector efficiency using selective coatings and different absorber designs, Energy Efficiency Conference, Skopje, 2008

- I. Nasov, H. Kostadinova, S. Smilkov, Physical Vapour Deposition Process and Potential Applications to Low-Cost Photovoltaic Solar Cells, New frontiers of low cost photovoltaic solar cells - International Conference, Skopje, 2008

- I. Nasov, “Solar water heaters”, Workshop from Austrian Develop Agency Impacts of the ADA project to the Macedonian Solar companies, Skopje, 2008

- I.Nasov, J.Mickovski, A Innovative Duplex nitride coatings process of HSS drills, 5 th congress of the society of metallurgists of Macedonia, 2008

- Mimoza Ristova, I.Nasov, H.Kostadinova, TiO2 nano coatings interface in PV cells, Conference of society of physicists, Ohrid 2008

- I. Nasov, New selective coatings and collector developments in Macedonia, Solar 2008 – 9th International Symposium Gleisdorf Solar, Gleisdorf, Austria

- I,Nasov, Tara 2010, International congress of surface engineering, New technologies in surface engineering on metals and polymers

- G. Bogoeva-Gaceva, N. Herakovic, V. Stefov, D. Dimeski, I. Nasov, H. Kostadinova Boshkova, V. Srebrenkoska: Development of new actuators, materials and technology for the production of advanced pneumatic and hydraulic valves: materials selection, 22nd Congress of Chemists and Technologists of Macedonia, 2010

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