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Lectures & Presentations

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  • I. Nasov, Super Hard Nano-materials, University St. Kliment Ohridski, Technical Faculty, Bitola, 2005

-          I. Nasov, Plasma Vacuum Technology for Surface Engineering, Plasma nitriding and PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition), Annual Assembly of Metallurgy, 2005

-          I. Nasov, Nano-selective coatings made by magnetron sputtering and arc deposition for solar absorbers, Athens 2006

-          I. Nasov, New types of solar collectors for hot water with nano selective coatings, AEE Institute for Renewable Energy, Austria, 2006

-          I. Nasov, New selective coatings and collector developments in Macedonia, Solar 2008 – IX International Symposium Gleisdorf Solar, Gleisdorf, Austria 2007

-          I. Nasov, Different types of absorbers and its efficiency, Nano Hard Coatings, Velingrad, 2007

-          I. Nasov, New types of absorbers for solar collectors, SEE ERA NET Conference for Balkan Regional Cooperation (as part of FP7 Programme), Thessaloniki, Greece, 2007

-          I.Nasov, J.Mickovski, A Innovative Duplex nitride coatings process of HSS drills , V congress of the society of metallurgists of Macedonia, 2008

-          Mimoza Ristova, I.Nasov, H.Kostadinova, TiO2 nano coatings interface in PV cells Conference of society physicists Ohrid, 2008

-          I.Nasov, Surface engineering with new methods and technologies, Mechanical faculty Skopje, work shop Cirko 2008

-          I.Nasov, Application of solar energy in Macedonia and new solutions in solar energy application, open lecture – PMF, 2008

-          I.Nasov, Surface engineering with new methods and technologies, Mechanical faculty Skopje, work shop Cirko 2008

-          Solar energy in architecture, incorporation of solar thermal collectors in the roof and facade of the building, co financed from Austria Development agency 2009

-          I.Nasov, tribune Trade Chamber of Macedonia, Solar energy application, 2009

-          Solar Energy application, Cacak, Serbija, Municipality of Cacak, organized from Major of the city, 2009

-          Solar application in architecture , Podgorica Monte Negro, round table Budva fair, organized from Montenegro University 2010

-          Lecture and presentation, Annual conference of solar energy, Yangzhou  China 2010

-          Plenary Lecture and presentation ''Application of some new technologies for surface engineering on metals and polymers“ INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE COOPERATION OF RESEARCHES OF DIFFERENT BRANCHES IN THE FIELDS OF CORROSION, MATERIALS PROTECTION AND ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION, TARA 2010

-           I.Nasov, Plenary lecture and presentation, ''High Efficient Solar Thermal Collector And New PVD Selective Coatings“, International symposium for corrosion and protection materials and climate environment, Bar 2010 Monte Negro…

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