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Duplex Surface Treatments

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Plasma D.O.O is working on a novel duplex surface treatments combining:

  • Plasma Nitriding & Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD)
  • PVD – Physical Vapour Deposition & Ecological Galvanic Electroplating and/or Electroless Plating…

Duplex surface engineering is a process that forms a thin ceramic and/or metallic film (e.g. TiN, TiAlN, AlTiN, TiCN, Al2O3) on a metallic or non-metallic substrate that is pre-treated by plasma nitriding. The process improves load bearing capacity of the coating and adhesion to the substrate (thanks to more favourable hardness vs. Young modulus (H/E) ratio at the coating interphase).

In general, properties such as fatigue in bending, thermal fatigue, friction, wear and corrosion resistance are enhanced. For example, this leads to a substantial improvement in service time of tools and machine elements: e.g. dies for casting of light weight alloys (improved thermal fatigue), cold working tools (lower abrasive and adhesive wear), aluminium extrusion (adhesive and corrosion resistance), injection moulding tools (improved corrosion, erosion resistance), steam turbine components (improved erosion resistance), the other machine parts for transmitting, like gears, worm gears etc.

Furthermore, the treatment enables development of functionally graded nanostructure coatings (e.g. TiN/Ti, AlTiN/AlTi, TiN/AlTiN nanolayers) with improved fracture toughness and high wear resistance coatings for highly demanding tribological applications.

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