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At this moment, the Centre for Plasma Technologies – PLASMA D.O.O is participating in two R&D projects in FP7 Framework and EUREKA programmes:

2011 – 2013 Development of a modular, all-POLYmer SOLar thermal collector for domestic hot water preparation and space heating, FP7 – Seven Framework Programme Project, (FP7! – PolySol)

2009-2012 Development Of New Actuators, Materials And Technology For The Production Of Advanced Pneumatic And Hydraulic Valves, Eureka Project (E!4548 - DE_AMATECH)

Besides these projects, PLASMA D.O.O. has finished several R&D projects in national and international programmes:

2009 (June – October) Integrated Solar-Thermal Systems in Roofs and Facades, Center for Plasma Technologies – PLASMA D.O.O. and Solar Macedonia, Austrian Development Agency Project

2007-2010 Systems For Assessment Of Surface Integrity, Eureka Project (E!4133 - PRO-FACTORY SURFACE +)

2008-2009 Increasing of efficiency coefficient on vacuum tubes collectors using new types of absorbers, R&D Project, Ministry of education and science of R. Macedonia

2006-2007 New compact absorber for solar collectors with selective coatings, Cofinanced Project by the Ministry of Education and Science of R. Macedonia

In a negotiation stage, PLASMA D.O.O has several FP7 and EUREKA projects.

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