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Fully Ecological Galvanization - Electrlytic & Electroless Plating

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PLASMA D.O.O. is focused on plating of eco-friendly coatings by Electroless and Electrolytic techniques on the surfaces of parts for various applications. The production plant consists of the following Electrolytic Plating Techniques:

and the following Electroless Plating Techniques:

The industries that we serve include, but are not limited to: automotive, electronics, food and textile industry, electrical, broadcast and telecommunication equipments etc.

Our strength is the plating of delicate items i.e. parts with complex shapes and different substrate materials. We have employed a variety of unconventional plating methods for decorative, functional and industrial coatings, including several innovative proprietary methods which we have developed in response to unique customer needs.

PLASMA D.O.O. has engineered the chemistry and production processes to be flexible to our clients needs. Our staff of professionals is equipped with the tools to provide the plating finish combinations that will meet your varying needs.


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