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Copper plating is very important for TRIPLEX process of nickel electrolytic plating (composite Ni / Cu / bright Ni) where it protects the substrate from corrosion, wear, etc. Also copper plating is used as a technique for applying a functional coating which is characterized by high gloss and has high electrical and thermal conductivity. Located widely application for items used in electronics, broadcast and telecommunications. These are various copper contacts and connectors; where as a basic material can be used an insulator. With the copper plating achieves these contacts and electrical connectors to be more conductive, but it should be noted that due to fast oxidation of copper, after plated copper layer, another special procedure called Passivation of copper is done that prevents the copper layer from oxidation.

Copper plating is used primarily for its high plating efficiency as an undercoat for other metals, primarily bright nickel. Copper covers small defects, such as pits and polishing lines. It can also be plated to heavier thicknesses and then buffed to remove and cover other defects prior to nickel/chrome plating. For these reasons, copper plating is used for plating die cast parts for highly cosmetic applications, such as automotive and motorcycle parts.

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